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  • We listen to you. 

  • We find out what you need. 

  • Public relations, website creation, website rework, SEO, content strategy, social media strategy, brand strategy, messaging, profile building, resume creation, resume support and assistance, networking — you tell us. 

  • We consult, provide the strategy and then execute the solution with you.  

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Brand Profile Strategy

It's not only companies that have a brand, every individual has a brand. From the words you say, to the content you write and the actions you take — you create a brand for yourself that is seen and heard by your stakeholders. Your resume, your website, your social media profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on, all have stories about you and your brand. It is critical to ensure your brand message is on point and reflects your authentic individual brand. 

Strategic Consulting

For a business to be successful and a brand and loved among its target audience, a business strategy must be in place and it needs to have a heartbeat. It should be living, always updated and it should be executed with consistent messaging. 

SEO Web Development

You may or may not have a website. Either way, we can help. It's not just about the website development, it's about the words you write, the message you convey, the visualization, the social connections, the offerings, the services, the user-friendly experience, and all of the factors that make your stakeholders feel welcome when they visit your site, so they stay, inquire, contact and commit. 

Social Media Consulting

Your company brand, or your individual brand doesn't end at your resume or your website, it stretches to your social media presence and your public profile in general. It is critical to ensure the content published about you, by your and with you is accurate and tells the story you envision with authenticity. 


A few brands we've worked with along the way

Hera Develpment
Manspring Consulting Group LLC
Unico Islip
Dr. Max Gomez,CBS Medical Corresponden
Borreli's Itaian Restaurant, Long Island, NY
Kelly Geber Jewelry
Bonaventure Tuxedo, Mineola, NY

Paul Rand / Managing director, Laurens

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